SLP Adult Food Plan


Learn and understand SLP 8- rules of Diet Correction which are the basic principles of this food plan.

People who are already following SLP can also modify their plans by selecting foods from this plan. This sample food plan will help in weight management and in various health disorders. It is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers but they have to take their proper lunch as well. People with serious health issues or underweight individuals should take their proper lunch along with the snacks during the day. People who want to lose weight should restrict to PBF, BF, no or less lunch, Dinner, and then post dinner schedule. Remember without eight rules of diet correction, you will not get any positive holistic health results from this food plan. Select four or more than four food options but take them in a rotation i.e. only one food group per day and follow the time precisely. Remember SLP is a lifestyle modification plan and by following adult food plan you will get about 50% improvement in your issues.


SLP PRE-BREAKFAST PBF: within first few minutes of
                                            waking up

1. 2-3 dates

2. 2-3 figs

3. 2-3 prunes

4. 2-3 dried apricots

5. Honey water

6. 8-10 raisins

7. 8-10 blue berries or gogi berries

8. 5-7 almonds

9. 2-3 walnuts

10. 5-7 cashews

11. Organic seeds

12. 8-10 peanuts

13. 6-7 pistachio

14. 8-10 pine nuts

15. Single fruit

Within one hour take breakfast or a second PBF, within this one hour gap 1-2 glasses of water can also be taken


SECOND SLP PRE-BREAKFAST: after half an hour of first PBF, only if breakfast is going to get late.

1. Yogurt+ cane sugar (warm in winters)

2. Raw warm milk+ raw sugar

3. Mix fruits

4. Lemonade / shakes / lasi (in summers only)

5. Mix nuts

6. Milk coffee + sugar

Breakfast should be taken within one to two hours of second PBF.

SLP BREAKFAST BF: select one option/day and take it in a fulfilling quantity. Try to use organic butter or desi ghee for preparing breakfast foods

Whole grain bread/Roti/whole grain pita with following options

1.omelet/fried egg/scrambled egg (desi or organic)

2.potato with skin (cutlets, bhujia, boiled, baked,)

3.meat  (kababs, keema, meat curry, koftay, roast)

4. cheese

5. fish/prawns

6. organ meat (liver, brain, kidney)  

7. natural jam

8.leftover salan

9. Hummus

10.Organic cereal+ raw milk+ raw sugar

11.French toast

12.Stuffed prathas

13-Organic desserts

Green tea + raw sugar in small quantity


        SNACK: 3-4 hours after the breakfast but is optional

1.     Mix fruits

2.     Mix nuts

3.     Coffee with sugar

4.     Nimko

5.     Desserts


 SLP LUNCH : Avoid breads, chapatti, rice, pita,
                       nan and raw salads

1. Noodles /pasta

2. Chana chat / dahibarey

3. Beans/ chick peas/ hummus

4. Mix fruits

5. Fruit yogurt / smoothies/ shakes/cold coffee

6. Fish/ kababs/ steaks

7. Compound salads

8. Soups

9. French fries/ baked / mashed potato

10. Corn

11. Mix nuts and seeds

12. Natural energy bar

13. Desserts

14. Coffee+ desserts


SLP EVENING SNACKS: three to four hours after lunch, but optional

Tea+cane sugar  1. Mix fruits

                   2 . Mix nuts

                   3. Dessert

                   4. Coffee +sugar


SLP DINNER: avoid boiled rice, nan, pita or raw salads

Routine meal

Green tea + raw sugar

When you want to dine out avoid taking rice, nan, drinks, juices and desserts with your foods.


POST DINNER SNACK-PDS: only If the gap between meal and sleep is of 3hours or more and go to sleep soon after taking this snack

1. Raw warm milk + little raw sugar

2. Mix fruits

3. Mix nuts

4. Desserts

SLP Holistic Lunch

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