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SLP is a liver specific lifestyle modification program.  SLP integrates liver, multiple biorhythms and a natural lifestyle to get holistic health. Biorhythms are the warning signs of a human system about the functions of various vital organs. Liver is the master controller of about 100 biorhythms, and  both are interdependent. SLP uses nutrient dense,  high calorie natural foods in satisfying portions to create a harmony. Natural food is  organized in a scientific manner for weight loss and medical disorders. It is not a dieting plan, and is not based on calorie count and portion control of the foods.The SLP works on obesity and all other medical problems through Liver rejuvenation by harmonizing the external routine with the ongoing internal biorhythms. It is an individualized, body compatible dietary program which has no side effects if followed correctly. SLP helps in weight and size management, cure of chronic allergies, asthma and skin diseases. It helps in the good control and cure of diabetes, hypertension, chronic arthritis, liver disease, stomach disorders, IBS, neurological disorders and cancers. It helps improving a child's general health, learning disorders, autism and all other medical problems. SLP helps you in attaining mental and spiritual peace. SLP is very effective in hyperactive mind syndrome. It Slows aging process especially mental. Besides improving general well being it helps improving  relationships and behavioral health at home and work environment.

Important components of SLP are:

1-Eight rules of Diet correction

2-Sleep regulation

3-Stress management


5-Food supplements

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  • M.B.B.S.M.C.P.S (Family Medicine)
  • PhD(Holistic Nutrition) U.S.A.
  • Certified in Nutritional Wellness (American Naturopathic Certification Board)
  • NES Scan Certified(UK)
  • Chapter Leader Pakistan for Weston A. price Foundation(USA)
  • Member American Holistic Medical Association
  • Member British Holistic Medical Association
  • Founder of SLP(Shagufta Liver Program)
  • Founder of Holistic Health Awareness Movement